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Gowns  - we have you covered

One of the very special suppliers on INNOVO is a specialist in isolation gowns and coveralls. They have a range of fully CE and FDA certified Level 2, 3 and 4 gowns (available individually wrapped or sterile). Their Level 4 Tyvek coverall is equivalent to the best on the market. Best of all, you can talk directly to the CEO, a design expert who has refined the specification of these traditional items to ensure friction - free performance to discuss what you need. Special offer on Level 2 FDA / CE Isolation Gown  - first come first served. Contact me for info

Sniff out Covid early with Anosmia screening

We are excited to introduce a unique and affordable screener for anosmia (loss of sense of smell), an early warning symptom of Covid -19. Ideal for workplace, community, hospitality and leisure entry points. This carefully measured screener identifies in seconds who may be infectious yet otherwise asymptomatic to then direct for a diagnostic Covid test.  Contact me for info

Kill Covid on clothes, bags and hair - hope at the end of the tunnel

Another great innovation in our portfolio is a disinfection tunnel, which deploys 70% ethanol in precisely the right (independently tested) nebulisation to kill all surface pathogens within a few seconds. Available for people, parcels and trolleys, this is a formidable first line of defence going in and out of physical places and is safe for people, unlike UV. A real breakthrough for decontamination at airports, in transport and logistics, supermarkets, work and leisure buildings. It may also be used to disinfect PPE between sessions on a shift.  Contact me for info

Catch your breath with whitelisted masks for every market

INNOVO has partnered with one of the world's largest manufacturers of PPE. Production can currently run to 50 million respirator masks per day. They are already supplying health systems in large volumes and have plenty of capacity for corporates to ensure they can get their business running again, keeping all employees safe. Masks are certified for EU, US, Australasia and South Korea Protection levels from FFP3 / N99 and N95 / FFP2  respirators to the standard 3-ply surgical Type IIR. We also have UK mask manufacturers and access to stocks on the ground. Contact me for info

Safe at Work: PPE packages for employers

Our supplier, a social impact distribution company led by an experienced philanthropist and investor, has created a simple order form that matches the needs of your organisation (number of staff and each of 3 levels of risk) to ensure you have a steady supply to operate safely. They have been working with many suppliers across the globe and are set up to access and aggregate multiple verified PPE, testing and disinfection producers to deliver comprehensive packages for employers. They are also supplying free of charge to developing nations.Contact me for info

Coming soon

We have members across the globe including manufacturers, advanced science labs and equipment innovators. We are in the process of putting together offers for the INNOVO platform. If you are looking for something specific. or if you have a relevant innovation in health or personal protection technology, please contact me here

Join INNOVO: Simply click on this button, or put "thinkingaroundcorners" as the introducer in the form. You can see how the platform funds itself on the INNOVO portal.

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