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Safe at Work: PPE packages for employers

Our supplier, a social impact distribution company led by an experienced philanthropist and investor, has created a simple order form that matches the needs of your organisation (number of staff and each of 3 levels of risk) to ensure you have a steady supply to operate safely. They have been working with many suppliers across the globe and are set up to access and aggregate multiple verified PPE, testing and disinfection producers to deliver comprehensive packages for employers. They are also supplying free of charge to developing nations.Contact me for info

Masks galore!

INNOVO have partnered with one of the world's largest manufacturers of PPE. Production can currently run to 50 million respirator masks per day. They are already supplying health systems, so orders will not impact supply to frontline workers. Masks are certified for EU, US, Australasia and South Korea and from FFP3 / N-99 to 95 and 85 filtration standards. We know this is essential to get business operating, so please reach out if you need personal protective equipment for your own employees to or to supply to your trade or business customers. Contact me for info

Coming soon

We have members across the globe including manufacturers, advanced science labs and equipment innovators. We are in the process of putting together offers for the INNOVO platform. If you are looking for something specific. or if you have a relevant innovation in health or personal protection technology, please contact me here

Join INNOVO: Simply click on this button, or put "thinkingaroundcorners" as the introducer in the form. You can see how the platform funds itself on the INNOVO portal.


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