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Tree of Equity

The best time to plant a tree was a few decades ago. The next best time is right now. The same is true for tangible change

As recent events have shown with abundant clarity, the disparity of the lived experience of minority ethnic groups in particular has shocked society and started a wave of allyship and activism. From the horrendous public death of George Floyd to the disturbing proportion of the general population and healthcare professionals of black and minority ethnic groups succumbing to Covid, the case for coming together to actively create a better future for all has never been more evident.

We may all be reflecting on how best to respond - how can change be different and permanent this time around.

The Tree of Equity has growth rings of different widths, but now is its greatest chance to grow strong and bear fruit.

What if we pulled together all the most effective ideas and programmes for the benefit of an empowered and diverse society in one place to ensure they are discovered and funded?

What if we made sure there was a programme in place for every single age, like we had ensured these changes happened decades ago?

Could we put in place a global organisation with regional and local chapters to share best practices and consolidate effort?


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