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disCOVer INNOVO innovations in infection control.

This flyer features the 2 innovation we think will be most useful for general businesses as well as healthcare settings.

  • A screener for Anosmia (loss of sense of smell), often the first and only symptom of Covid so you can intercept staff before they infect others. 

  • A disinfection tunnel that can kill pathogens, including Covid on any surface - ideal for staff in uniforms, customer trolleys, visitors / passengers / customers, tools, rental items and parcels.

This is our "shop window" disCOVer INNOVO brochure.

FULL Brochure: Of course, we have several member organisations who are offering fully certified PPE too. We connect serious buyers directly with our member organisations to discuss requirements. If you need further detail before you take this step, please contact me. I can share additional product detail and take you through how we source and supply all forms of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) or include your business in our portfolio.

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