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Welcome to a journey. Darned if I know what I'll find...

I think I'll walk to Istanbul.  Please don't ask why.

Once the words had escaped my lips, I had trapped myself. To be honest, this is a personality trait; that double-edge of determination and sheer stubbornness.  The quitters never win, winners never quit versus some people never know when to give up


And so it was, a couple of years ago, in the hallowed setting of Imperial College Medical School, where I was part of the faculty dedicated to inspire future doctors in innovation and entrepreneurship, the thought struck me, and struck me hard.  As if to conjure up some spell of inevitability, I set about telling as many people as possible about my plans.  A simple trick to ensure commitment by increasing the humiliation of failing to follow through.

Before actually taking those physical steps, I've put in the hard work of planning the route, kitting myself out, booking over 100 places to stay, recruited friends to share the road and built in the mitigations.  Of course, I will be documenting my travels. I am yet to uncover the true narrative, nor do I have a set view on the format that they should take.  In the meantime, I'm collecting my musings into a private Instagram account, which I will make public as the basis of relating my adventure.

Should you be interested in following my path, please find me on the Instagram app:

And if you have found something you think may be mine, contact me here

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