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in protection and health technologies


About the disCOVer project

Like so many others, I have observed the huge gap in both our understanding of and ability to protect ourselves from the march of COVID-19. At the same time, I have seen how science and technology have been mobilised to help us to operate through and beyond this crisis. Through this project, my healthtech contacts and INNOVO, I can now connect innovative, certified health businesses to markets, to help organisations to operate safely and improve the operation of healthcare settings.


INNOVO’s revolutionary new platform business model brings buyers and suppliers together in a community founded on cooperation. In return for telling suppliers when they are ready to buy, buyers - and good causes - share some of the suppliers’ savings in wasted selling costs and spare capacity. This is THE New Global Commerce. Learn more about them here in a video from CEO, Martin Kelly.

How to get involved


Click on this showcase page on the propositions I have secured so far; PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for healthcare settings and employers, novel nanotech materials, testing, disinfection, health tech innovations. There is also a short slide deck to download.

If YOU have a certified (CE, FDA) innovation to offer, please contact me here.


Join INNOVO using my INNVITE button. INNOVO is people-powered, like LinkedIn meets personal shopping. It's entire funded from a share of the rebates suppliers can offer because we help the save on their supply chain and bring qualified buyers to them.Like all INNOVO members, for any organisation I introduce, I receive a small commission from the rebates on anything deals they make on the free platform. This funds my time to scout certified health innovations and help them to find markets. Simply click on this button, or put "thinkingaroundcorners" as the introducer in the form. You can see how the platform funds itself on the INNOVO portal.


As a potential BUYER, I will connect you directly with relevant SUPPLIERS, where you can order whatever you need using your usual purchasing process, with a simple e-handshake on INNOVO to track the transaction for your rebate.

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