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From Emergency to Emergence

It's been awful. It's still nowhere near good. However, we are now on the path to emerge into a changed world. Could the new normal to be a better one?

Commercial recovery is crucial as it impacts every stratum of society. Sustained social distancing is a privilege of those with space to spread out and financial flexibility to remove themselves from travel and workplace exposure. We need to find new ways to operate with the safety of employees and customers at the absolute heart of what we do.

Today I launch project "disCOVer" in collaboration with INNOVO. Our mission is to help business to go from surviving COVID19 to thriving by connecting them with great innovations that deliver on health and care.

We are now accepting applications to take part in this initiative - simply contact

a) Protection Innovation:

- if you have a certified innovation that will provide effective protection for workplaces (long-lasting disinfection, PPE innovations incl. virucidal materials);

b) Digital Health:

- if you are ready to scale innovation to enable safer delivery of healthcare services or to support the health and wellbeing of employees;


c) If you are looking to manufacture or buy either of the above.

Stay safe.


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