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Pandemic & other rough stuff

Many of us have come to realise that this terrible pandemic is, for billions of people just one thing on a list of other issues in their lives.

Living in or fleeing a conflict zone, poverty, disability, mental illness, chronic or rare disease, domestic or gendered violence, loneliness and frailty, discrimination, natural disasters or weather events exacerbated by climate change - the list goes on - as Covid continues, it's clear that we can't postpone care for those more vulnerable than ourselves until the pandemic subsides.

So today, I am launching a campaign - a place to share resources, support and requests that support the other things going on in people's lives. I welcome you to use this thread and/or the twitter account @p_ANDemic to share the following on the causes important to you:

  • really useful resources, organisations and social enterprise

  • if you're raising money for one of these causes

  • if you work or volunteer for a relevant organisation

  • if you NEED to recruit staff or volunteers (job board)

  • any relevant support tech e.g. community app, clinical support tool

  • academic work published by leading authorities

Sure you get the idea. Look, this may not work, but hopefully it will be a useful catalyst or forum to extend the reach of those dedicated to making the world a better place. I would be honoured for you to join in, if only to show a fragmented and fatigued world how many people care.

For graphics to support your own tweets and linkedin posts, please feel free to use this resource:


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